Collaborating Artists

Hanna Osbeck


Hanna is a musician from Gothenburg, Sweden. She plays the trumpet and experiments with different genres, and her music mainly revolves around classical and brass band. She started singing for a choir and played the violin at the age of 5. When she was 9 years old, she fell in love with the trumpet. She also specializes in classical and folk vocals, and ‘kulning’, a form of Scandinavian ethnic music. Apart from being a musician, she works as a speech and language pathologist in a hospital in Gothenburg.

Maja Swedén


Born in Gävle, in to a music practicing family, Maja started playing the trumpet when she was nine years old. She has played with marching, pop, and jazz bands. When she turned 20, she moved to Gothenburg and started playing for Kiriaka, a samba reggae group, working with the aim of world peace through music. She is now the maestro of the band after playing with them for 5 years. Currently she is working as a music/drama teacher for young children in a suburb in Gothenburg. She is also teaching in El Sistema Sweden Dream Orchestra, a classical orchestra for teenage refugees.