Collaborating Artists

Sumukha Rao


Sumukha is a versatile Hindustani flautist who plays with a number of musicians and bands in India. His music is soul touching and he steals people’s hearts with his grace and technicality.

Karthik Gubbi


Karthik gubbi is a multilingual rap performer from Bangalore who has evolved as a rap artist and lyricist from test battle rapping on social media sites. He uses Kannada literature and conscious content in his lyrics and raps in English, Hindi and German.

Manu Krishnan


Manu Krishnan is a drummer and a percussionist hailing from Kochi. He has played with a number of rock and metal bands across the country, most popular being The Baiju Dharmajan Project, Blood & iron, Escher’s Knot, Chaos and Wolf’s Lair. He is also a qualified Indian Carnatic Musician.

Shravan Sridhar


Shravan Sridhar is a multi genre violinist who has been trained in Indian Carnatic music for over 14 years, whose versatility extends to blues, country, rock and roll, electronica, western classical and metal. He has performed with legends such as Rajesh Vaidhya, Stephan Devassy, Keba Jeramiah ad is one of the most sought after violinists in South India.

Sanjay Bhattacharjee


Sanjay Khyapa is an erudite yoga healer, prolific guitarist, music producer, an inspiring teacher and critically acclaimed musician. He has restructured Baul, Bhatiyali and Shyamsangeet into reggae and blues.