Strisvara 2017

Agnes Block


This 20-year old musician plays the electric bass guitar and is currently studying jazz ensemble and composition at a residential college for adult education in Dalarna, Sweden. She constantly looks forward to learning various genres and styles of music from other musicians through this collaboration.

Radhika George


Radhika is a musician and Civil Engineer from Kerala, India and was a participant of Strisvara 2016. She started playing the Tabla from the tender age of 5 and the Drums since she was 13 years old. She is now studying the Mridangam and the native temple percussion Chenda.  She plays for Chennai based indie rock bands ‘Vertigo’ and ‘That Band’. She is also a drums instructor and has worked with children with different abilities. She believes that women need to empower other women, and is happy that she will be doing that through music.

Katja Eilertsen


Katja is a Norweigian violinist based out of Gothenburg, Sweden. She has been playing the violin in different bands and orchestras in Sweden and Norway. Her expertise ranges from classical to Swedish folk, traditional Irish music and old time American music. She is a cultural studies student and has also taught young children violin and rhythms. Currently, she plays violin in GAO (Gothenburg’s alternative orchestra) and in an electro swing band.

Padma Basavaraju


is a singer and percussionist from Biligiri Rangan Hills, Karnataka. Within the 400 sacred places in 540 square kilometers of this forest, Padma grew up playing the Tamate and singing about the tradition of the forest with expertise. Padma was also a participant of Strisvara 2016 and has collaborated with 15 other female musicians from different parts of the world enabling a renaissance of fusion music collaborations between musicians from different backgrounds. This powerhouse never hesitates to meet new women musicians and make music with them.

Ylva Myrman


Ylva Myrman is a singer, songwriter and an instrumentalist, educated in Swedish folk music and World Music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. She moves freely between different genres; from Nordic folk to soul, jazz, hip-hop and improvisation. Ylva heads the Ylva Myrman quintet, which blends Nordic folk tradition with jazz improvisation. She also has her own singer songwriter project. She is an arranger for a music club, Musikklubben and is on the board for the World Music Club Klub Ankaret in Gothenburg.

Nemat Battah


Nemat Battah is a musician from Jordan. She is a vocalist and plays the Oud as well. She is currently studying Folk/World music at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. She stimulates her music with traditional Arabic influences, using her own arrangement and personal influences. She is very happy to teach and spread awareness about the rich Arabic music culture and to learn about music from different cultures through Strisvara.

Alice Klint


Alice is a 21-year-old violinist who is studying classical violin in Malmö University of Music. She has been fascinated by folk music ever since she was 12 years old, and this very passion is delivered in her music. She feels that it is important for female musicians to come together, meet as equals and get inspired.

Madeleine Isabelle


Madeleine is a 21-year-old Sami singer who lives in Sápmi land mostly in Röros, Norway and Tänndalen, Sweden. She started singing when she was 13 years old and received recognition for her participation in the UKM (Young Culture Meets) for the first time 3 years ago. She also works for a home care service called Fjällsol Home Service, located in Funäsdalen, Sweden.

Yafaela Meziana


Yafaela is a 32-year-old Israeli singer who currently lives in Andalucía, Spain, where she had moved in her quest to learn the art of flamenco singing. Her music prowess spreads its wings from professional production studies in Tel Aviv, to incorporating the dance and music culture of the gypsy tribes in Rajasthan, India. She is also on her path to unearth her own music heritage, the Jewish Sefaradi Music. Through Strisvara, she looks forward to meeting women from all over the world, revealing the common and admiring the difference.

Moa Länne


Moa is a singer-songwriter and producer from Gothenburg, Sweden. She is one of the two lead singers and songwriters of the band Bellaroush. She also has a solo project of her own, called Moa Jo La. That apart, she plays the keyboard to support her vocals!

Sangeetha Ravindranath


Sangeetha Ravindranath is an Indian Singer and holds a State Award for best Playback Singer. Considered one of the fastest growing playback singers, She has recorded songs for over 60 movies. Sangeetha is also a Grade B radio artist. She also won the Zee Music Awards for Best singer Female 2014 and she has worked on one of the many commercially and critically acclaimed songs in the film industry today. She also takes credit for singing for popular film stars in South India.

Lakshmi Veeregowda

BR Hills

Lakshmi is a musician from the Biligiriranga Hills, India. She lives in the forests and became a singer and dancer celebrating “Doddasampige”, the holiest tree or all for the people from the local community. This tree is revered as Lord Shiva, with traditional dance rituals around the tree culminating into the festival of “Mahashivarathri”. Lakshmi was also a participant of Strisvara 2016 and collaborated with 14 female musicians from India and all over the world to understand global influences and cultural exchanges of music and contributing women empowerment through music.

Ellen Hansson


Ellen is an eclectic singer/songwriter and performer, educated at Kulturama in Stockholm and at The Institute of contemporary music performance in London. She draws inspiration from a wide range of genres, loves to experiment with different sounds and to collaborate with different kind of musicians. She released her debut EP "for Sam" in February 2017. The past few years Ellen has been active in social and human rights issues mainly focusing on Palestine, Afghanistan and refugees in Sweden. Her songwriting took a new direction and she started to combine her passion for music and human rights. She is frequently performing at human rights demonstrations and is currently writing music together with a rapper from Afghanistan.