About Us

What is Strisvara?

Music has been with human beings since origin of time, a universal language connected to the soul and it transcends physical, social, cultural, economical and political barriers.

It is the essence of art and has ability to unify class, caste, gender and religion. Music is the language of love, the beauty that touches hearts and is the foundation of emotions.

Over centuries the art of music has created an uprising that directly connects people.

Strisvara, a project initiated by TreeonZ, provides a platform that enables collaboration between women musicians from different countries and backgrounds, thereby producing fresh, original unique music. Stri is derived from the Sanskrit word which means ‘woman’ and Svara means ‘tune’. In many cultures nature itself is referred to as a woman. Human life is in tune and synchronizing with nature and music has played an immense role in the development of a civilizations. With this in mind, Strisvara was born.

About TreeonZ

TreeonZ is an organization of like-minded individuals with the vision of using arts as a means to make a difference in society. In today’s world, which is often perpetuated by negativity, it´s natural for people to seek solace in the arts like music, dance, painting and crafts.

The organization uses exactly this to catalyze and reach out to different groups of the society. By using art forms as a catalyst to change, TreeonZ believes that it will reduce inequalities and promote growth.

TreeonZ plays the role of a facilitator to social entrepreneurs, musicians, peacemakers, and artists and in fact anyone who wants to make a difference. We believe that Change in society can only come through the mobilization of individuals and unity of people.

Our Vision


TreeonZ actively collaborates with various ARTISTS,BANDS & MUSICIANS who are looking for a platform to make a strong social impact and to bring in awareness on challenges like women empowerment, international peace, human rights, environmental Issues etc.


The easiest way of learning comes from the most creativity, innovation and self thought, quite contrary to the rote learning process in India. TreeonZ focuses on Education through Art, which not only leads to better understating, but also stronger retention. Through the power of art we address some of the much needed social issues by initiating curriculum based projects in Government and International schools. The aim is to promote real time exchange of global art and culture.


We use Entertainment and Education as the means to an end, that being enlightening each and every person in the society about the reality of our living. TreeonZ not only ensures that people know the situation of our country in light of social evils today, but also empowers them and spreads the message that it is they who can make a difference.

Our Team

Subhash N.H


The Marketing Tantric behind TreeonZ holds a degree in Hotel Management and a Masters’ degree in Business Administration. He started his career in Business development and Marketing with reputed organizations like Move ‘N’ Pick and CGS. This highly motivated individual has a proven track record of developing procedures, operational policies, creating & implementing training programs and building an efficient sales team. Subhash does the strategizing, planning and mobilizing required resources like database and sponsors for the projects. In his free time you can find him playing drums, football and cricket.

Arun Shiva Ganesh


The driving force of TreeonZ completed his graduation from St. Joseph’s Arts and Science College. This young, passionate and multi-talented individual is a social activist who has worked with child rights, women empowerment, poverty, communal violence, social discrimination and is a peace activist. He is also a musician and holds a Bachelors degree in World Music Specialisation from the University of Gothenburg for Music and Drama, Sweden. He has shared the stage with some of the most popular bands and artists to promote social change across boundaries.

Kruthika Swaminathan

Program Manager

Is a graduate from Christ University, Bangalore and holds a degree in Journalism, Psychology and English. She is a huge music aficionado and has over 5 years of experience in the Independent Music Industry in India. She has been involved with artist and event management, and handles digital marketing apart from managing programs/projects.